Those Collins Brothers Sure Do Suck

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Good Ole John Hollinger comes out with his magical formulaic player efficiency ratings at the start of each year. He effectively ranks every single player in the NBA from number 1 to number 319. He always seems to ignore any contributions non-statistically to defense so this year Amare Stoudemire ranks in at #3, just behind Lebron and Chris Paul.

Anyway, while most people focus on the top of the list and argue how in the world Lebron or Kobe do not rank as the best player in the NBA, I immediately sift to the bottom of the list and see if the bane of my existence Brian Scalabrine ranks dead last. And just like last year Mr. Scalabrine was thwarted from his attempt of being the worst player in the NBA by one Jason Collins. But 2009 was a special year for the Collins brothers as Jarron joined Jason in all the fun of the last page of the Hollinger rankings as he snatched up the ranking of #4 worst player in the NBA.

I guess being 7 feet plus and a twin somehow keeps you employed in the NBA despite being horrible. Here's hoping that A) Scalabrine takes the title next year and B) the Lopez brothers somehow manage to join the Collins brothers last page party.

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