Man's Man Russell Crowe Likes Bunny Rabbits

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Russell Crowe is a man's man. He's the Gladiator. He always play a complete bad ass in every movie. He seemingly can drink with the best of them. He certainly has a fiery temper and isn't afraid to throw inanimate objects people. He always seems to have the scruff 5 days after his last shave look. All in all if you were going to create a movie with a guy killing lots of people with a sword, Crowe would be amongst your top choices.

So when you find out that he owns an Australian Rugby Squad you can't be surprised. Of course Russell Crowe wants to watch men not in pads bash the living crap out of each other. Why wouldn't he? Again, he's a man's man... But then you find out the name of the team he bought. The South Sydney Rabbitohs? Also, nicknamed the Bunnies? Could there possibly be a less intimidating name for a Rugby Squad?

Come On Russ, let's get something a little more your taste. Like the South Sydney Throat Slitters. Now that has a nice ring to it.

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The knights in Monty Pyton's Quest for the Holy Grail thought it was only a bunny too, then BAM! It bit their heads off.

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