Satan Lives on the Jersey Turnpike

Monday, October 13, 2008

This weekend a Bengal fan friend of mine* that I have dialed me up and told me that he had an extra ticket to the game so I obliged and headed down to the wonderful Meadowlands for the game. We headed out after my flag football game and gave ourselves 2 hours to drive 59 miles. Was that enough? Well it was enough to be able to see the stadium with 40 minutes left to get into it. But nope not enough time to get. In fact at one point a person was walking on the side of our car about a mile, mile and a half away from the stadium and we rolled down the window and asked if he needed a ride. He responded, no thanks I need to get there by kickoff. This followed with us watching him in his casual walk fade into the distance as we stayed mostly stationary. We finally were able to park at around kickoff time (in some restaurant lot because no longer is the Meadowlands lot big enough for all the fans) and we ended up miss about 1/2 of the first quarter.

The actual game was enjoyable but far from thrilling but hey who am I to complain it's the first time I've been to a winning Jet game ever. The Jets played sloppily and included some miserable interceptions by Favre but the Bengals offense behind Fitzpatrick was mostly miserable. All in all it was nice to go to the first game in awhile, and then you have to drive home and all of the joyous feelings you have go out the window. Why? Because the Jersey turnpike is the creation and house of Satan.

2 hours. It takes over 2 F'n hours to go 11 miles. 2 miserable tolls that both intelligently merge 8 lanes of traffic down to 2. A trip that should take about and hour and 20 minutes winds up taking 3 1/2 hours in which your soul is slowly extracted by the devil.

For as much as it would have sucked for Manhattan to add football traffic, I know at least for myself if I was heading to a Jet game on a Sunday with a stadium on the West side I would take the F'n train and it would afford me skipping out on the testicle clamping pain that is the George Washington bridge.

Jersey Sucks...

*Why He's a Bengal fan is still to be determined.

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