Week 8 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, October 20, 2008

Prayer Time After the LSU USC Game
The Ole Ball Coach Knows He Can't Show His Face to God

Them Missouri Folk Ain't Too Coordinated
Chase Daniel Is Not AP He's Retardo

Purdont's Quarterback Likes to Practice His Snapping
You Know Just In Case He's Needed at Center

Taste the Hokie Offense It's Delicious
Or Vomit in the Mouth Inducing

Missed Field Goal Fail
I Can't Believe We Lost to F'n Rutgers

French For Worst Division 1 Football Team in the Country

The New Clemson Coaching Tradition
Tongue Bathing a Rock Before Losing

Don't Cry Don't Cry Don't Cry
I... I... I Can't Help It, The Sweater Vest is So Scary

Athens Hits the Earthquake Button
All Players With Feet on Their Ground Fall, But Knowshon floats

It's OK Buddy I'll Get You 7 Cheeseburgers
Yay Cheeseburgers

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