WFAN's Got a Little Inside Fight a Brewin

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mike Francessa is still searching for a partner after Chris Russo bolted for the big bucks, so over the course of the next few days he's aligned some of the other WFAN personalities to work an afternoon shift with him. He's bring on Ed Coleman for a few days, Chris Carlin for a few days, Joe Beningo for a few days, etc.

Chris Carton, WFAN Co-Host of the morning drive shift with Boomer Esiason, decided that it was a good time to poke fun at this rotational shift. Carton joked around about who would be next with Carlin and played the sound bite of essentially every single WFAN personality. He then said something along the lines of anyone with a pulse is co-hosting with Mike.

This of course lead to Big Mike getting pissed off at Carton, because he has no funny bone. Francessa went on to play the clip while making comments over the tape. Here's just a few of the humorous quotes Francessa threw out there:

"If He Wants a War Bring it On, It Won't Be a Long One"
"I could get rid of him in 5 minutes."
"He walks around here and he can't kiss up to me enough."

He says other things about how low Carton's salary is, how his afternoon drive show has been number 1 forever (we know you say it daily), how he's been accused of not cross promoting, how Carton likes to insult other people, etc. Essentially Francessa was obviously pissed, obviously does not like Carton nor anyone insulting his program (cause it's the greatest of all-time) and insinuated that he has so much power at WFAN that he can get anybody fired with a wave of his fat fingers.

And of course Francessa returned from the break saying it's all in fun. A little cross promotion. And that they'll get it together and they'll get funny soon. And then he said "I really love those guys." Ha, ya that's completely believable.

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