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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Here are your standings for the over/under competition.

Me 7-3-1
Ferre 7-3-1
ZAM 6-4-1
Grutt 6-4-1
Hart 5-5-1
Tank 5-5-1
Tmags 4-6-1

Here are the over/under results for each question.

1. The Giants will score 575 runs this season. Over/Under
I guess the Giants didn't suck at an all time rate.

2. Eric Gagne will blow 8 saves this season. Over/Under
Gagne blew 7 games total this season, some as closer, some as setup man. He also missed all of June.

3. Mike Mussina's ERA will be 5.00. Over/Under
Muss was the Yanks best pitcher this season.

4. Ben Sheets will end up on the DL on July 11th. Over/Under
Didn't get seriously hurt until the last week of the season.

5. Ryan Howard will strike out 180 times. Over/Under
Eclipsing the 200K mark.

6. Barry Bonds will be on a roster on June 20th. Over/Under
Nobody even sniffed Barry Bonds this season or probably ever again.

7. The Devil Rays will win 17 games combined against the Yankees and Red Sox. Over/Under/Push
The Rays went 17-19 against the Yanks and Sox. 10-8 vs the Sox and 7-11 against the Yanks.

8. Joba Chamberlain will hit Kevin Youkilis this season 1/2 times. Over/Under
Technically the only time Youkilis got drilled by Chamberlain it registered as a strike. Youk did get drilled by Muss and Rivera though.

9. Erik Bedard will win 19 games. Over/Under
Didn't even make 19 starts.

10. The Orioles season attendance total will be 2 million. Over/Under
1,950,075 for the O's this season.

11. The AL East will be clinched by the completion of the games on September 25th. Over/Under
The Drays had a chance to clinch on September 25th with either a win or a Red Sox loss and couldn't get it done.

Congrats to me and Ferre...

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