The World Series is Zzzzz...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Can we get some damn excitement for once in a World Series? Please just one F'n time. The last good World Series was 2002 when the Angels pulled off a 7th game win against Barroid. Since then we've been subjected to the Anti-Climactic World Series of 2003 where the drama was all in the ALCS and NLCS, 3 sweeps and an 82 win Cardinal team taking home the crown. It's been boring. And this World Series thus far has been no different.

Game 1 was brutally ugly with nobody getting any clutch hits. Game 2 started with an error by the Phils and some bad calls by the umps and more Phillies pathetic hitting. Game 3 started after 10 on a Saturday with little to no one watching. And Game 4 turned into a beatdown where even Joe Blanton hit home runs. The only exciting drama came in Game 3 at quarter to 2 in the morning. That's the perfect time for great baseball.

All in all I think the problem with the World Series is that at no point in time does it really feel like these are the two best teams in baseball. Perhaps it is just me, but watching a team go 1 for their first 28 with runners in scoring position does not scream great baseball. Watching a teams 3 and 4 hitters go 0 for in the first 4 games does not scream great baseball. Watching the winning run of a game come on a hit by pitch, a wild pitch, an error and a swinging bunt does not scream great baseball. Watching both defensive teams (one supposedly superb) make at least one error in each game a piece does not scream great baseball. It just feels more like an inter-league series in June than the World Series. Perhaps this will change if the Rays can finally get to Hamels tonight, but chances are this World Series will fall right in line with the past 5 in the easily forgettable category.

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