Enberg, Cross and Fouts Can Stop Stroking Favre Now

Monday, October 20, 2008

In a broadcasting world where everyone seems to stroke Brett's member, the team of Dick Enberg, Randy Cross and Dan Fouts make the all-stroking team. Yesterday Brett Favre was bad. He had one miserable interception at the goal line costing the Jets points. He completed just 55% percent of his passes. On the sole Jets touchdown drive the team ran the ball 8 of the 9 plays. Sure he threw a block on the 36 yard reverse, but so does every other quarterback in that situation. Yes he lead the Jets down the field for the game tying field goal, but the prior possession he threw up a prayer to nobody which was intercepted. And then in overtime he went 1-4 over three possessions to never lead them into field goal range. Plain and simple, he played poorly.

And yet, somehow someway Enberg Cross and Fouts managed to blow him the entire 4th quarter. The man did absolutely positively nothing special yesterday, but according to threesome he was amazing and you can never count him out because he's a veteran with moxy. [Vomitting]

Ok I'm obviously ticked off that the Jets lost to the miserable Raiders and somehow squandered a 160 yard performance from Thomas Jones. So I obviously was angry and not in a good mood while watching the game but still it was impossible to listen to these three. Every word out of their mouths cam with their hands wrapped around Favre's johnson pulling it up and down. I truly hope that they do not get another Jet game the entire season.

Oh, and if I hear the word moxy from anyone today they're going to take a right cross to the jaw.

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