Week 9 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wanny Proving 1 Game At A Time That He Can Lose to Anybody

Someone is in need of a Mercy Kill

Tip Drills
Usually It's Not a Good Idea to Throw into Triple Coverage, But Usually isn't Sam Bradford

The Face of Fear
You Would Think With That Face He has a Role Locked Up in Saw VI

Giving the Stink Palm
No Doubt Saban Just Whiped His Ass and Didn't Wash His Hands

The Hurdler
Nothing is More Comfortable than the Gliding of the Cheeks over a LB's Helmet

Pryor Failure
Look On the Bright Side, You Aren't in Ann Arbor

Patent Leather Lebron
Perhaps He Should Have Taken Over at QB

2-6 Showers
Where Beating the Worst Wolverine Team Ever is Somehow Worthy of This

Superman Dives
Saving All Groh's Job 1 Leap at a Time

Smell My Fingers
They Smell Like Bleeding Anus

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