Lefty Silhouette (Answers)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

1. Grady Sizemore

2. Jason Giambi

3. Chase Utley

4. Carl Crawford

5. Ken Griffey Jr.

6. Josh Hamilton

7. Lance Berkman

8. David Ortiz

9. Prince Fielder

10. Ryan Howard

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make it a little harder next time, its really easy to do when you can see the fans and players in the dugouts, kind of gives it away

Anonymous said...
1:16 PM  

Fat coaches are next on the list.... they'll be harder

Simon said...
1:45 PM  

Ryan Howard looks a lot like Jim Thome in silhouette.

Anonymous said...
1:57 PM  

Way to easy with the fans/stadium in the backround...

Anonymous said...
3:33 PM  

That was time I can not get back. We are all dumber for see that.

Anonymous said...
9:25 PM  

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