Silhouette Trivia: Very Fat Football Coaches (clues)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

1. 5 of the Coaches are College Coaches and 5 Are NFL Coaches

2. Two Coaches stepped down on the same day this week.

3. 3 Coaches are disciples of the Hooded Monster

4. One Fat Man is Wearing a Puffy Jacket in His Picture Making Him Look Fatter Than Normal

5. 4 of the 5 College Coaches Coach at their Alma Mater

6. 1 Coach is Forced to Deal With Arm Punt Formations

7. 1 is an interim coach this year.

8. 3 Coach Teams With Birds as Mascots

9. 1 Coaches Sons Aren't So Good With Obeying the Laws of the United States of America

10. 1 Coach Plans on Unleashing a 2007 Outsports Favorite as a Starter Tonight

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