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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

~I told you I wasn't going to be posting much, and I held up my end of the bargain but now its the new year and I should get back into the swing of things pretty soon. The month of January is going to be a pain in my ass with all weekend classes. So I just may end up bringing a lot of that rage back.

~I've been long enough to categorize these quick notes so here goes. We'll start with the NFL and move onto the bowls and then roll with the normal quicknotes.


~I've never rooted for a team, other than my own, harder than I was rooting for the Giants on Saturday Night.

~The Giants got boned on many calls. Let's list some.

1. Illegal Contact on the Pats first touchdown drive on a 3rd down, in which Stallworth was doing as much if not more pushing than the Giants DB. In fact Stallworth completely pushed off to break off his out route.

2. Poking someone in the eye is not a penalty apparently.

3. You can commit pass interference in the NFL without ever touching the Wide Receiver. Because if Randy Moss does not catch the ball than obviously something was done wrong.

4. The clock doesn't hit absolute zero until after the Patriots use a timeout to negate an obvious delay of game penalty even if the clock reads zero for several seconds.

5. If your a Patriots defensive back and you trip and fall in the end zone it is completely ok for you to drag down the opposing wideout. Because grabbing his jersey is definitely incidental contact.

6. Amani Toomer has the power of telekinesis as he can push Ellis Hobbs to the ground using mind bullets.

~The Randy Moss Celebration Penalty was bullshit, but he could have ran to Boston and not have been caught by any Patriot that was lingering 15 yards behind him.

~Rodney Harrison really is a complete douchebag. He tries to fight everybody on the field at all times. Can we recognize the fact that he's a drug user please. So we can vilify him and Shawne Merriman as equally as we vilify baseball players.

~I find it funny how Eli Manning plays lights out for the entire game except for one bad decision to try to fit a ball into a tight spot when they just relinquished the lead and one dropped snap and yet so many Giants fans for some reason blame the game on Eli. A little rough.

~Why couldn't they have different broadcasters on the multiple simulcast. Gumbel 2 Gumbel sucks.

~Now that the 'Exhibition Season', as the '72 Dolphins would say, is over and the Patriots are the best regular season team in history, let us all hope that they become the best team to ever choke in the playoffs. Or the best team to ever have their hall of fame quarterbacks leg snapped derailing their road to the best team of all time. Whatever it takes.


~The Jets did what the Jets do. Win the final game of the season to drop their draft pick from 3 to 6. They tried to throw away the game but were unsuccessful. Sadly if the Patriots had lost on Saturday the Jets opponents winning percentage would have gone from .520 to .516. If this happened the Jets would have replaced the Falcons, as the Falcons percentage would have moved from .516 to .520, in the three way tie with the Raiders and Chiefs. Thus the Patriots win was annoying in the figurative sense of a Jet fan wanting the Patriots to lose and a tangible sense in dropping the Jets draft pick at minimum one slot.

~The Jets need an lineman who can block, a defensive lineman who can push and a quarterback who has both a brain and an arm. They have one quarterback for the brain and one for the arm currently and unfortunately cannot biologically fuse them together.

~Revis and Harris were well worth trading up to get.

~They apparently are canning their defensive coordinator and hiring Rob Ryan the Raiders Defensive coordinator who lost his job following this season. Really I don't care much for this one way or the other. My only hope is that maybe he can find a way to utilize Vilma somewhat.

~In the end I'm just kind of glad the Jets season is over. It was a frustrating 16 weeks of losing winnable games.

~I'm also glad I didn't buy a ticket to the last game of the year, as the weather was shitty and they banned alcohol sales at the game. Hell I didn't even watch half the game I listened to it on the radio. And I didn't miss anything.

Rest of the NFL

~Good for the Redskins for pushing their way to the playoffs. They are better than the Vikings and will hopefully provide an entertaining matchup this weekend, but really these Wildcard games could offer a lot more. The Bucs are not exciting at all. Neither are the Titans. And the Jaguars Pitt game should be good, but with all the injuries to Pitt there's a chance they don't play well.

~I would have liked the Colts to play hard and win to get the Browns into the playoffs, but the Browns have only themselves to blame and there should be no complaining. They win last week against the Bengals and they're in, it was that simple.

~Merrill Hoge really hates Vince Young as he truly thinks Kerry Collins is a better quarterback for the Titans than Vince Young. Ouch.

~Brian Billick getting fired is funny considering all the statements saying he was safe for the past few weeks. Short memory in Baltimore, 13-3 last year must be far in the back of their minds.

~Parcells is a great talent evaluator but he isn't a god and a god is what the Dolphins probably need. How many times can you perform the same miracle?

~Mike Martz getting fired is also kind of funny. He put up a ton of points when the Lions were 6-2 but then they shat the bed down the stretch. Perhaps Kitna should stop throwing the ball to people in the wrong uniform. Perhaps Roy Williams getting hurt killed them. Either way I wouldn't expect the Lions to be better next season.

~Herm fired his offensive coordinator. Herm is very good at laying blame on others in the coaching staff. He fires his coordinators a lot.

~I went 9-7 in both weeks for the spread picks. Went 12-4 and 11-5 in the non spread picks. And 7-9 and 10-6 in the preseason picks.


~As I stated earlier I picked Michigan to lose. Way to have faith in your team.

~It was nice to see Carr leave a winner, but let's be honest it's probably for the best that he's out and Rich Rod is in.

~When Mike Hart fumbled the first ball and ran off the field smiling and laughing in disbelief and high fiving everyone on the sideline, I was slightly annoyed.

~Then when he fumbled the next one, he had a look of shit on his face, but I was still annoyed.

~Rushing the ball three times in a row and kicking a field goal up 3 with about 3 minutes to go was very pussified. And really made me think they were going to blow it.

~Adrian Arrington apparently decided that he wants to be drafted, cause he's been good in his career but yesterday he was a star.

~Florida should start recruiting DBacks in addition to 45 wide receivers instead of converting High School quarterbacks into cornerbacks.

~Certainly Carr's statements about injuries hold up a lot for the Ohio St. and Wisconsin games, but don't give me any What Ifs, they lost to App St. while healthy. That was the nail in any National Title talks.

~Michigan may have shown why Tebow won't be a big time Pro Quarterback, when he had to throw the ball Michigan was able to get pressure and Tebow couldn't adjust to the pressure. However, I wouldn't expect Florida to be chasing many other teams next year and be forced to pass.

~Florida jumping on the logo was pretty stupid. Probably helped fire up the Wolverines a bit.

~Henne boosted his draft status. He'll probably pull a mini Tom Brady and be a really good pro after failing to ever lead the Wolverines to full potential. I'm not calling for God Status but I wouldn't be surprised if he snuck himself into the Pro Bowl once in his career.

~Lloyd finished his career 6-7 in Bowl games, but surprising he was 5-2 against the SEC in those Bowl games. Meanwhile the Suckeyes are 0-8 historically against the SEC in bowl games. So if you can't beat Ohio St. atleast you can do something they can't.

Rest of the Bowls

~Nothing outside of the Michigan game was more enjoyable than the Al Groh collapse. Collapsing with a 14 point lead with less than 4 minutes to go probably made the boys at DontFireAlGroh.com very happy.

~The BCS certainly did wonders yesterday scheduling two games which were expectedly brutal. Scheduling Hawaii and Illinois against arguably the best teams in the country was dumb from the start and it showed yesterday.

~When you can't block a 4-man rush on any play you aren't going to win. Hawaii proved this very well last night. And Colt probably should enjoy an ice bath for the next week.

~Speaking of drilled the Wisconsin QB, Tyler Donovan is one tough S.O.B. He got rocked about a dozen times yet continued to fight through for the entire game. And came close to bring the Badgers back from the dead. Despite the loss he gets lots of respect from me for not being a little bitch, like for instance Pat White.

~Interim Coaches are not very good at preparing their teams for bowl games.

~Scheduling a Bowl game at night on New Years Eve seems a bit dumb to me. Can't imagine that's a big ratings grabber.

~Can we please eliminate the meaningless bowl games in between the Orange Bowl and the National Title game. I don't need to see Rutgers beat up some scrub squad on saturday afternoon.

~UCLA did the right thing hiring Rick Neuheisel, who's a douchebag and a cheat, but a good coach. And really throw morals out the window, he's an alumni and he could get your program into a more prominent spot.

~South Florida's no show was piss poor. However, FSU did pretty well considering 1/2 their roster was suspended.

Other Random Garbage I Missed

~The Hockey game yesterday was second to only the Michigan game in excitement, and I honestly watched the shootout instead of the Michigan game, which led me to not seeing the Gators take the lead and being highly annoyed that the Wolverines were amidst a large collapse.

~The Blue Penguin jerseys were just weird.

~Jim Leyritz should serve as a lesson to many out there who could have easily made the same dumb and life changing mistake.

~Lamar Odom threw a nice tackle on Ray Allen, I was impressed by that.

~The Motorcycle jump on ESPN on New Years was pretty insane.

~The White Warriors were pummeled during the Christmas Week by the first place squad and have dropped to 3rd.

~Scottie Pippen wants the Bulls head coaching job. That's pretty funny, he's so desperate for money. Someone give Scottie a loan already.

~Apparently Tracy McGrady is injured. That's surprising. He's got the same injury proof body as Grant Hill.

~The Lakers short shorts would have worked better if they weren't all wearing spandex underneath them. Let the boys get some air.

~The Big Dig is officially over and while it drained Boston from loads of money and took way longer than it should have, it really makes traveling through the city a lot easier and is a pretty intelligent decision despite it's prolonged execution.

~Anyway that was a long Quicknotes, if you made it to this point that's pretty impressive. You must be very bored.

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I don't understand why everyone hates on vince young? As many pats fans were quick to point out with Brady prior to this season, its about winning games not stats. VY lead his team to the playoffs this year and almost last year, who cares if his passer rating is miserable.

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