1 Major Reason to Avoid Ian Snell

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Last year I looked at Snell's 2007 k rates, his innings pitched and his era as a sign of things to come. I targeted him in every draft and landed him in my keeper league. I was expecting a repeat in K rates and ERA and hoping for a boost in wins. Instead, I got a bust all the way around. The K rate dipped, the WHIP ballooned to near infinity and the ERA bubbled up to Kevin Milwood range. In a word I was burned but that didn't stop me from contemplating him again this season. A low risk late round sleeper hoping the numbers for a 28 year old revert back to the positive rather than the negative.

That was until a few minutes ago. A few minutes ago I saw a character flaw that has turned me completely off of Ian Oquendo Snell. In 2001 when Snell was married, he took his wife's name and was Ian Oquendo. He kept his wife's name for 3 years at that point for reasons unknown he changed his name back to Snell. I'm not a sexist man, but way too many questions pop up in my head about a man willing to take his wife's name.

Mr. Oquendo Snell, you are officially off of my targeted player list.

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First off, your facts are backwards. He was born Oquendo and changed to use the name Snell later.

Second, I'd love to hear you explain how your "questions" about this are NOT sexist.

Maybe he had a falling out with his father. Happens all the time, people change their names. Big whoop.

Jesus Rolleyes said...
9:17 PM  

False... he was wearing his fathers name on his jersey tonight and it wasn't Oquendo.

get your facts straight jesus.

Simon said...
11:03 PM  

Yeah, his last name is Snell, I went to high school with him.

Kim said...
3:45 AM  

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