Do You Like Baseball or Do You Not?

Monday, March 09, 2009

I have a simple question for you, the public, do you or do you not like baseball? It's a pretty simple yes or no question. If you do, than you should like the World Baseball Classic. If you don't than you shouldn't. It's really as simple as that.

Instead of wasting time watching meaningless spring training games that absolutely nobody cares about, you get to watch games in March with all stars playing 9 innings. You get to watch has beens like Ruben Rivera, Randall Simon, and my boy Ramiro Mendoza play for the first time in forever. I watched multiple games so far this weekend. I watched the Pontoon somehow hold the Dominican Republic to 1 run and pull off a shocking win. I watched the US vs. Canada play a highly entertaining game. I watched my boy Ramiro give up 5 runs and nighty night.

I understand the people complaining about all the pitching rules and the limits, but my answer to that is stop god damn whining. Do you like baseball or do you not like baseball? There's not other time to play this thing. None zero. It's the only time that works, so stop bitching about it. And ya some of the rules are dumb, especially the rule that had Japan (2-0) play Korea (2-1) for the #1 seed in Asia (that makes zero sense) but again its simple do you like baseball or not. This is hands down more entertaining than spring training, who cares if a lot of premium talent pulled out and it isn't the best it could be. It's better than nothing.

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