My Jets Wish List: Vernon Gholston to Not Be Irrelevent

Monday, March 09, 2009

I think it's pretty safe to assume that expectations for the #6 pick in an NFL draft are not 13 total tackles but that's exactly what Vernon Gholston gave the New York Jets last season. In essence Gholston was a complete non factor. He recorded zero sacks and the majority of his 13 tackles came on special teams. He was even inactive for multiple games including a 3 game stretch from week 14 to week 16. Not what you're paying
$40 million dollars over five years for.

This is why I've thrown Gholston on my wish list for 2009. He could be like a free agent signing in that any production this year will be more than his zero production last year. The man has a body like a freak, perhaps the Defensosaurus can figure out a way to utilize it where Mangini could not. I'm not saying my hopes are high, but is 5 sacks too much to ask? I would really like for Vernon not to be added to the mile long list of New York Jets epic draft busts.

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