The Technical Foul For Warm Up Dunks Is Ridiculous

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last night St. Mary's took the court on tip off down 1-0. That wasn't the Vegas spread that they needed to overcome, nope, they were actually down by a point before the opening tipoff. Why? Because of another ridiculous and antiquated college rule that I bet you had no idea about. Omar Samhan of St. Mary's threw down a two handed dunk in the warm ups and received a technical foul for his efforts. Matt Boldin nailed one of the two free throws and the Zags got 1 extra point to throw on their blowout.

My biggest issue with the rule? His dunk wasn't anything special, it was just a plain two handed dunk that you'll see dozens of times in a basketball game. I understand if you want to keep kids from practicing 360 tomahawk dunks prior to the game, but a run of the mill two handed dunk? Snooze. Take a look at the highlights and judge for yourself.

That's worth a technical foul? Give me a break.

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