Who's Looking Forward to A Lot of Cody Ransom?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Other than Cody Ransom? Ummm, everyone obviously. With the news of Alex Rodriguez being sidelined for potentially 10 weeks he looks like the clear cut favorite to be his replacement. The only other option currently on the roster is Angel Berroa and he'll need to decide to become a good player again, if he wants playing time.

So what kind of excitement will we get from the great Cody Ransom? Dude hit 4 home runs in just 43 at bats last season. That's a home run every 10.75 at bats. In comparison A-rod hit a measely 35 home runs in 510 at bats or one homer per 14.57 at bats. Arod hit .302 with a .396 OBP and a .573 Slugging %. Random hit .302 with a .400 OBP and a .651 Slugging %. Clearly at this stage of their career Cody Ransom is just a flat out better player than A-Rod.

Just try to ignore the fact that he's 33 years old and only has 183 career at bats. He's obviously just a late bloomer.


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