World Baseball Waglassic

Friday, March 06, 2009

It's time for the World Baseball Waglassic, a collection of 3 wives from the relevent countries in the WBC. Take a look and vote at the end for the winner.

1. Mr. DeRosa is a lucky man
2. The Youkster certainly did well for himself
3. Dustin probably needed a petite wife

1. Come on, You think Petey would have done poorly?
2. Did Miggie give his wife a B12 Shot?
3. Why is David dressed up and his wife dressed down?

1. Mr. Darvish does well for himself on and off the field
2. Dice-K went with the cute one
3. Akinori should probably get the trophy asnd his wife the wine

1. Ollie P looks like a whipped man, and its understandable
2. Rod Needs to Tell His Wife to Provide a Better Photo
3. Adrian enjoys his wife's curly locks

1. I Don't Think Erin is Puerto Rican
2. The name Betzaida just sounds nice
3. Bernie, do you hide your wife?

1. Carlos Looks Like He Enjoys His Wife
2. K-Rod's lady looks like she isn't enjoying the NYC winter
3. The Name Dagly Doesn't Do It For Me

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