Welcome to a New Year

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome to 2008 where, to steal from the NBA, 'Amazing Happens'. I mean Lloyd Carr won a bowl game, if that can happen maybe this site could suck a tad bit less in 2008 than in 2007.

Anyway, since I had zero actual New Years Resolutions for myself, why not come up with some resolutions for this here site.

1. Proof Read atleast one post a month. My grammar sucks and I don't particularly care, but I figure one good proof read a month is a step in the right direction.

2. Call myself out on horrible picks. For instance, I am currently winning our Bowl Pick 'Em league, however if I wasn't a bitch and actual had some faith in the team I actually root for then I would have it locked up. Instead I have to be a complete pessimist and have a chance at being overtaken.

3. Try to add more things to the Dictionary. I think that's funny, and I've basically ignored it.

4. Convince the NFL officials not to give the Patriots bullshit penalty calls in the playoffs so that perhaps they play on an even playing field.

5. Continue to find any interesting story involving urination.

6. Repeat my Threepeat dominance in baseball where I look intelligent, unlike when I draft NFL busts left and right.

7. Go to a WNBA game. Ha.

8. Find something to write about during the spring and summer. I love baseball, but no time is easier to make posts than football season.

9. Create more Photoshops.

10. Win the lottery and start paying people to make this place prettier.

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You already failed on #1.

DCScrap said...
12:46 PM  

I'm not going to blow that one proofreading on the first post. I want to have it atleast linger until I post something half way relevant.

Simon said...
1:20 PM  

Sometimes the pats get calls, sometimes they get hosed.

Did you watch the Pats vs. Indy this season? It goes both ways, so take your hatorade somewhere else.

Hart said...
9:19 AM  

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